Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collaging our 'Neighbourhood' with P2

Peiying Primary School

Pupils learned techniques of Collage (tearing and pasting) in this course with understanding of Shape and Part-Whole model in creating Artwork on subject of ‘buildings’ based on theme of ‘My Neighbourhood’.

They were given a context on Collage with stimuli of pictures on our local neighbourhood. They built up their colourful buildings with torn-out shapes before detailing them with oil-pastel.

Composition skills with understanding of background and perspective were taught in ensuring well-composed final-work.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Annual Art Exhibtion 2009

@ Park View Primary School

This exhibition showcases the fruition of its various Art programmes from all levels, particularly featuring its Artist-in-school project as supported by National Arts Council as led by artist/art educator Lau Sheow Tong.

The Artwork exhibited are outstanding pieces from both pupils and teachers. Pupils’ works are selected based on merits of their techniques and ideas with relevance to various attempted themes such as ‘Still Life on Fruits’, ‘My Buildings’, ‘Created Creatures’ etc. As for teachers’ work, they are the results of their hands-on creation from the 'Still Life' Art workshop. Work from Sheow Tong are based on his latest collection on delectable sweet food, ‘Sweetalicious’.

It is a celebration of its whole-school-approach in Art education where pupils and teachers from all levels are involved in cultivating a vibrant Art culture through the visual Art.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mixed Media Art Course (NAC-AEP) for Sec.3

(Woodgrove Secondary School)

In this course, students are taught to combine different media such as dye, acrylic paint and Collage to create mixed media Art in abstract and semi-abstract forms.

As an introduction, they were exposed to abstract work by artists like Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky on Action Painting and Abstract Expressionism. Their hands-on work were based on themes of 'Washing', 'My Room' and 'Jewellery'.

Local artists' work by Goh Beng Kwan and Thomas Yeo were then introduced with them exploring Collage in mixed media. Themes like 'Shells' and 'Florals' were explored with their creation of semi-abstract work.

3D mixed media work is also covered with reference to Frank Stella's work in Maximalist Style. Students have explored semi-3D formation with use of their created 2D abstract work and some construction paper. They were worknig on ideas of 'Speed' and 'Dynamics' from theme of 'Sports'.

More photos @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/composite_ad/sets/72157622606520159/