Friday, September 25, 2009

Mixed Media Drawing & Rendering

@ First Media Design School (July 09 - Sept 09)

In this module students are required to render a set of 3 illustrations as posters using mixed media such as gouache, colour pencils, markers and/or felt pens.

Lessons covered:
Conceptualisation of design/illustration
Sketching and rendering techniques in various media
Experimentation in mixed media
Development and composition
Layout for design posters

Students’ assessment is based on several criteria such as their creativity and thinking skills, execution and techniques of mixed media, developmental process of design, commitment and participation in class.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teachers' Workshop 'Still Life'

@ Park View Primary School

In this brief workshop, teachers are informed of what is Still Life. A brief history of Still Life is introduced from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period to present 21th century. Art movements of Realism, Impressionism and Cubism are highlighted.

Artists featured in this workshop include Juan Sánchez Cotán, Paul Cezanne and Fernand Léger. From these artists’ styles, teachers embarked on hands-on with both representational and semi-representational forms of Still Life on theme of ‘Fruits’.

Teachers also shared on various methodologies and approaches of bringing these learnings to classroom teaching.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Reference & Ideation @ Bedok View Sec. School

Resources & Developmental Processes for Art-making

This workshop aims to expose students to various sources and references in aiding them in their Art-making.

Areas covered:

1. Concept Development & Mindmapping
2. Art Movements of 20th Century
3. Local Artists & Art Styles
4. Inspiration Sources & Principles of Design
5. Design Techniques (Transformation & Manipulation)

Lessons are progressed from teaching of contexts, references and theories to their applications of various concepts and techniques onto class exercises. They are also given a final hands-on where they applied their learnings to their Paper 2 questions with themes such as 'Segmented', 'Isolation', 'Relaxation' etc.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Contextual Study in Art @ Geylang Methodist Sec. School

Artists & Art Styles
This series of lessons has exposed students to various Artists and Art Styles.
Local artists selected for referencing are Georgette Chen (Nanyang Art Style), Thomas Yeo(Abstract Mixed Media) and Justin Lee (Pop Art) where their work are compared and contrasted with international artists such as Paul Cezanne (Post-impressionism), Jackson Pollock (Abstract Expressionism) and Andy Warhol (Pop Art).

They have also been introduced to interpretation of artwork according to the Feldman's 4 stages: Description; Analysis; Interpretation; Evaluation.

Throughout the lessons, students are divided into groups where they get to discuss, debate and interprete artwork introduced. They also have the opportunities to present their findings and outcomes as a contest.