Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Tour I (Design History & Culture)

Temasek Design School
- Ramayana Revisited: A Tale of Love & Adventure

The exhibition is about the universal and timeless popularity of the Ramayana epic and its narration in visual, performing and literary arts of South and Southeast Asia. The exhibition explores the story of the Ramayana epic based on the theme of Ramcharitamanas, a 17th century text from India.

The exhibition is divided into seven sections based on the seven chapters of the epic. The flow of the exhibition is as follows: Bala Kanda (Childhood Chapter), Ayodhya Kanda (Ayodhya Chapter), Aranya Kanda (Forest Chapter), Kishkindha Kanda (Meeting the Monkey Army Chapter), Sundara Kanda (Hanuman’s search for Sita Chapter), Lanka Kanda (Battle of Lanka Chapter) and Uttara Kanda (Epilogue). In each section, two or three events will be further identified for storytelling and a special focus on important character will be introduced in the relevant chapter.


Principles of Design & Idea Generation (April - June 2010)

First Media Design School

This module introduces learners to creative skills used to develop and express ideas and concepts such as use of mindmap, block-busting, attribute analysis etc. They are also exposed to basic Principles of Design for their application on design project.

Learners have to design a set of 3 greetings for a certain festival/occasion. Media used should be as creative and as non-conformative, not restricting to only conventional paper and cards. They are assessed on they creative applications of ideas and media used.