Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Country, Our Cityscape!

- Mixed Media Art with Recycled Materials @ Zhong Hua Primary School

Pupils at Zhong Hua Primary School are given an introduction to Mixed Media Art using Recycled Materials. They were introduced to Frank Stella's work in 3D abstract form. From his relief forms in maximalist style, the pupils adapted his work to create semi-abstract 3D work based on theme of Our Country, Our Cityscape!

Pupils have included the HDB flats, The Esplanade, Singapore Flyer and other prominent high-rise buildings of our city in their creations. They experimented with different recycled materials to effect 3D formations in Stella's typical bright and varied colours with maximalist details and patterns.

They have created brilliant colourful cityscapes of ours in semi-abstract forms.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introduction to Fashion Design

- An Elective Module for Sec 3 NA/NT Students @ Tampines Secondary School

This is an introductory course specially customised as an NA/NT module for sec 3 students who would pursue such a career path or any other comparable design careers. It is a highly applicable course with hands-on in design of garments and exposure to the local fashion industry.

Students were taught figure drawing of human models and sketching of subjects for garment design. Next, they applied their ideas and concepts of various subjects chosen onto the human figures. Techniques of Manipulation and Stylization have been applied to realise the final designs. Various illustrative media were utilised in visualising their ideas.

They were also exposed to the local fashion industry with case studies of bridal couturier Silverlining and FrontRow’s commitment to promotion of local up-and-coming new fashion designers.

Students will be exposed to local context of fashion industry and informed of the development of fashion trend and its industry for the last 70 years.
Students will be taught sketching techniques on Figure Drawing and design techniques as inspired from various sources such as nature, architecture etc.
Students will be able to illustrate, stylise and compose their designs as a project.
Students will get first-hand exposure to the fashion industry from the industry tour.
Students will be able to present, express and review their final project.

Featured trainer:
Lim Jit Hwang
Design Consultant (Silverlining Bridal Couture)

Lim Jit Hwang is the founder and design consultant of Silverlining Bridal Couture which is established in 2002. It is a fine bridal consultancy firm which provides bridal image consultation and specializes in made-to-measure dresses and suits for to-be-wed clients.