Friday, April 3, 2009

Life Drawing @ Fort Canning

A Learning Journey on Life Drawing

This workshop takes students to a learning journey on Life Drawing at Fort Canning Park.
It is specially designed for adults who have a keen interest in on-the-spot sketching and drawing of nature, scenery and architecture.

It is also a Heritage-cum-Art camp where students will be guided to a trail of Fort Canning Park with introduction of its history and culture amid the interesting architecture and lavish greenery.

In this workshop, students will be informed of basic perspective drawing and composition techniques in composing interesting outdoor life drawing pictures. Media used will be dry materials which are quick-and-easy for outdoor sketching such as pencils, charcoal and colour pencils.

There are 4 sessions (4 x 3hrs) to this workshop:
- Introduction & Mastery of Dry Media (Pencils/Charcoal/Colour Pencils)
- Introductory Trail and Basic Sketching at Fort Canning Park
- Perspective Drawing & Composition of Pictures
- Life Drawing of Composed Pictures at Fort Canning Park

Arrangement & Timing of workshop:
For Public (Adults & Teens):

06 June 09
13 June 09
20 June 09
27 June 09
(Sat 9am to 12pm)

For School Teachers:
Week 1 & 2 of June 09 holiday period (open dates)
Mon to Fri 9am to 12pm (could be allocated flexibly)
*Could be conducted as exclusive package for teachers from individual school or cluster schools.

The Substation
45 Armenian Street
Singapore 179936

Fort Canning Park
Singapore 179618.

For enquiries and registration of this workshop, please contact:

Lau Sheow Tong (Director/Chief Trainer)
HP: 97935566