Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art Tour to Singapore Art Museum & 8Q (Design History & Culture)

Temasek Design School

The Story of Yeh Chi Wei

This is a visual story of an almost forgotten artist: Yeh Chi Wei. He was a Singaporean artist, a well-respected art educator and leader in Singapore’s 20th century art scene. He led the Ten Men Group on painting exhibitions to Southeast Asian countries and was a great source of inspiration and encouragement to many other artists. Many consider him to be a true Nanyang artist. This exhibition showcases Yeh’s artistic achievements, contributions to Singapore, and celebration of Southeast Asia through art.

Choy Ka Fai

The Lan Fang Chronicles



The Lan Fang Chronicles project is inspired by investigations into the histories of the Lan Fang Republic (1777 to 1884). Established by the Hakka Chinese in West Kalimantan, the Republic lasted for 107 years before it disintegrated into nothing but a legend to its living descendents.
This project looks at the concept of insignificant histories and its parallels with the history of modern Singapore. This research-based work will culminate in a series of visual art, theatre and film presentations.

Choy Ka Fai is a new media artist, performer, theatre and film director. Formerly Associate Artistic Director of TheatreWorks (Singapore), Choy is a recipient of the National Arts Council Arts Creation Fund 2009, which has enabled the research and development of his new artistic project, The Lang Fang Chronicles.

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