Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mixed Media Design & Rendering (July - Sept 2010)

First Media Design School

In this module students are required to render a set of 2 illustrations as posters using mixed media such as gouache, colour pencils, markers and/or felt pens. Main theme given as 'Events/Happenings at Fort Canning Park'

Lessons development:
1.Conceptualisation of design/illustration
2.Sketching and rendering techniques in various media
3.Experimentation in mixed media
4.Development and composition
5.Layout for design posters


  1. If it wasn't for this module, I would never have picked up my old rusty paint brush again. :)

  2. too. almost ten yrs i didnt touch my water color...LOL..
    but my artworks don't look like water color art
    shud try your style..(maybe!?)

  3. Since secondary school til now, my water color almost dry up le.. i stil pick up to use :D
    i was really enjoy to attend this module:)

  4. i really enjoyed this module from the start!need to practice more on water colors though!hehe

  5. Lol...but no more sheow tong class for us...sob sob..we will miss ST ya~LOL.

  6. Thanks guys:)
    Keep up the GOOD work!

  7. All the while, I am only confident in drawing but never in colouring... but after this class, I learnt alot and picked up the techniques in rendering!! ;) It was fun! Thanks Sheow Tong!